Strategy I Control I Change

Define the aims and strategic orientation of your procurement. Make your performance and your progress measurable. Control your procurement in this way. Accompany the upcoming transformation with comprehensive change management.

Set the objectives

What does successful procurement mean in the future? How is change successful? Develop the target image of modern, high-performance procurement with us. Control this change in procurement in a successful, understandable way.


Together, we derive your objectives and procurement strategy from the overall orientation of your company. We analyse potential, assess strengths and weaknesses, consider your external environment and take into account all key framework conditions. Effective KPI, controlling and risk management systems as well as proactive change management guarantee long-term implementation.


Extensive, cross-industrial procurement and consulting experience as well as a variety of successful references – this is what the amc Group stands for. We have demonstrated that the modern reorientation of procurement leads to the optimisation of performance and an increased value contribution.

Objectives and strategy

Procurement and supply chain must and will change. However, individual measures fall short. Processes, skills, IT, methods, organisation and the changing type of collaboration must be coordinated with each other and pursue an overarching objective. Work with us to develop a road map towards procurement that is ideally positioned for the future.

Measurability and control

How visible and transparent is your procurement? Make your value contribution and your performance measureable and thus understandable for management and stakeholders in the company. Use our tried-and-tested control and risk management system with a key figure structure tailored to you (KPI). Employ this to control and document all of your activities successfully.


Out of your comfort zone, into new structures and processes! No simple task. We accompany your teams when it comes to process-based, organisational and methodical change as well as digitalising procurement. We adapt role models and support transformation with extensive and above all comprehensive change management.

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We review the purchasing and the supply chain from all angles. Our approach is targeted and holistic. It focuses on people, processes, methods and systems as a basis for the success. Start the transformation of your procurement now.

Strategy I Control I Change

Define and communicate your procurement strategy. Control with the right, crucial key figures. Start and manage the change.

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Get off the beaten track when it comes to supplier management and category management. Implement innovative methods. Place your focus on collaboration.