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Use advanced methods. Place your focus on collaboration with categories and suppliers. Implement goals together, systematically and consistently.

Applying systematic methods

The management of categories and suppliers is the core business of procurement. Modern organisations act with optimised concepts and innovative methods. The basis for success is reducing complexity and targeted further training.


The management of categories in procurement with all of its requirements on stakeholders, interlinking with markets and global challenges, and risks is undoubtedly highly complex. However, in conjunction with establishing strategic supplier management, it is a prerequisite for the profitable added value of procurement. So, make use of our proven concepts and innovative methods. Rely on decades of experience and methodological expertise for the strategic reorientation of your category and supplier management.


Based on our extensive experience, we are convinced that selecting the optimum concept and applying the right methods determine the success of category and supplier management. We have thus refined, optimised and further developed our concepts and methods in these core areas of procurement over many years and successfully introduced and applied these for renowned customers.

Achieve success methodically

Work differently with security. It is certain that modern methods and collaboration will play a major role. Regardless of whether it is the management of projects, innovations, suppliers, stakeholders, categories, what they all have in common is that the methodological expertise in procurement has to be further developed and deepened.

Your suppliers’ potential

Make supplier selection, its controlling and profitable collaboration a core competence of your procurement. Reduce costs together, increase quality together and create added value with shared goals. Challenge and promote a partnership with your suppliers. Record performance and future potential. Motivate your suppliers to undertake mutual development.

Manage categories strategically

Starting from the procurement objectives and strategy, strategies are to be defined for the relevant categories. In this way, create transparency about spending, needs, markets, suppliers, technologies, trends, etc. Assess the threats and opportunities within the supply chain. Develop strategies according to a standardised and pragmatic method for the whole of procurement and always together with the relevant stakeholders.

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We review the purchasing and the supply chain from all angles. Our approach is targeted and holistic. It focuses on people, processes, methods and systems as a basis for the success. Start the transformation of your procurement now.

Strategy I Control I Change

Define and communicate your procurement strategy. Control with the right, crucial key figures. Start and manage the change.

Methods | Suppliers | Categories

Get off the beaten track when it comes to supplier management and category management. Implement innovative methods. Place your focus on collaboration.