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Networking, digitalization, end-to-end consideration: numerous developments present great challenges for procurement in its current structure. Many companies have recognized this, are questioning their organizational structure and want to make their procurement organization fit for the future. With the Value Added Network (VAN) amc presents a new, disruptive organizational concept for procurement. The fact that the VAN is coming is undisputed among experts.
Sustainability is THE imperative for future-oriented business. Procurement organizations that focus on values ensure the competitiveness of companies. But this requires clear structures.
With the amc Value Cloud, a lack of transparency about material costs is a problem of the past. The amc Value Cloud provides efficient cost benchmarks for calculations and analyses in procurement as part of value engineering. This improves the data situation for cost and value analyses enormously!
200 participants discussed the topic of sustainability in procurement at the 1st BME Sustainability Summit. In the accompanying workshop, the amc Group examined the maturity level of procurement with regard to sustainability. The balance: There is still a lot to do!
Compliance with ecological and social requirements has been part of the day-to-day business of procurement ever since the climate debate. Procurement has a great influence on the supply chain. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a fixed evaluation criterion for suppliers, as the biggest environmental problems arise in the global supply chains. To achieve this, sustainability must be firmly anchored in the corporate and procurement strategy.
Dr. Ulrich Anders, Professor of Strategic Management at the Cologne Business School (CBS), will lead through the 3rd Future Workshop Procurement of amc and CBS at the Design Offices in Cologne on 26 September 2019. The event looks into future agile working worlds and organisational forms of procurement. The participants will work together in agile sprints on the topic of the Future Workshop "Redefining the value contribution of procurement with agile methods". In addition a Keynote and impulse lectures of start-ups. Registration via this website!
Comprehensive digitization project of the Schunk Group: amc developed a consistent digitization strategy for the procurement department. Now a group-wide procurement platform is being implemented. Procurement becomes much more efficient.
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