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Warengruppen zu optimieren ist eine zentrale Aufgabe des strategischen Einkaufs. Dabei gilt: Warengruppenmanagement ist Teamplay! In einer von amc für Haufe neu entwickelten Seminarreihe erklärt Georg Rinkens die Methodik und zeigt, was entscheidend ist. Termine ab Juni. Infos gibt’s hier.
The Cologne Business School (CBS) and amc are jointly organizing the 3rd Future Workshop Procurement on 26th of September in Cologne. This year's headline: "Redefining the value contribution of procurement with agile methods". We discussed the event and agile procurement with CBS President and amc Advisory Board member Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich.
System implementations and digitization are costly and full of risks. And how can the value contribution of procurement be increased? We see three success factors for a value-adding and thus successful digitalization of procurement. 1. Clarity about one's own objectives and relevant criteria for system selection. 2. Realism, focus and openness in the implementation. 3. Measurable increase in value contribution through consistent system use. But how? A roadmap.
Dr. Ulrich Anders, Professor of Strategic Management at the Cologne Business School (CBS), will lead through the 3rd Future Workshop Procurement of amc and CBS at the Design Offices in Cologne on 26 September 2019. The event looks into future agile working worlds and organisational forms of procurement. The participants will work together in agile sprints on the topic of the Future Workshop "Redefining the value contribution of procurement with agile methods". In addition a Keynote and impulse lectures of start-ups. Registration via this website!
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